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K Litter Born!

Update December 2009!
The K Litter has arrived!


Please Contact Us for more information.



We have one adult available for purchase

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“Each life is a story sprinkled with stardust;

Each spirit a mystery revealed only by Time.”

Take a Journey...

As its name suggests, dog fanciers must direct their attention to the lands of the exotic East to trace the story of the magnificent Tibetan Mastiff breed. Like a priceless pearl in an oyster, the secluded regions of Tibet are safely tucked within the rugged, snow-covered and dangerous mountain ranges that are the Himalayas. It was in this setting, the Roof of the World, that the Tibetan Mastiff was proclaimed as ancient sentinel of nomad flocks, villages and monasteries. The history of these dogs remains somewhat of an enigma to this day as foreigners were long in arriving to this isolated place. It was partly because of their mystical aura that we were drawn to seek out this rare and primitive breed.


Journey with us as we explore and discover the spirit of the Tibetan Mastiff.


Our puppies are raised in the house with our children and get a good deal of socialization, interaction and play. Tibetan Mastiff Puppies, Kids and Tibetan Mastiffs, Tibetan Mastiff Photo Gallery, Tibetan Mastiff Photo Galleries, Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Pictures, Canada Tibetan Mastiff Breeder.

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